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We also provide SME with WordPress Design & Hosting with or without a CMS (content management system). We specialise in Web Site revamps, eCommerce sites and WordPress migration from other servers as follows:

⦁ Back up your website files
⦁ Export The WordPress Database
⦁ Create The WordPress Database On Your New Host Server
⦁ Create The WordPress Database On Our Host Server
⦁ Edit the wp-config.php File
⦁ Import Your Database
⦁ Upload The WordPress Files To Your New Host
⦁ Define New Domain & Search/Replace Old Domain
⦁ You are now with Xtraweb.ie

We can provide you with a High CLASS Internet Business Presence that will be second to none. Based in Clare & Galway, XTRAWEB WordPress development & hosting provide the best 24/7 On-Line solutions for your business.

We provide you with state of the art hosting that is powerful and secure and equal to any other hosting platform on the market. With incredible features and friendly 24/7 management, we will look after your online presence for you.

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The SEO #1 position promise is completely false


No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google, and if anyone who does, they should not be taken seriously.

GoogleThe Internet Rule Makers

# 1

SEO Is Part Of Your Package


Google has warned against SEO companies promising #1 rankings
Google has straightforward marketing guidelines when it comes to optimising a website. Marketers tend to bend the rules a little to benefit their clients and their profits, but the fact remains the same: No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google, and if anyone who does, they should not be taken seriously.

Despite what you might be told, there are no secrets to SEO. Truly effective SEO consists of using a collection of best practices in a consistent manner.

Because there’s no quick-fix,solution when it comes to improving where your website ranks organically, most small businesses team with an SEO agency in order to grow. Xtraweb offers SEO services as part of the package.

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