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Xtraweb 24/7 Hosting


XTRAWEB have all the WordPress Security measures already in place, your website is monitored 24/7, but please read on to and you will gain an understanding into how HACKERS work, and how we can prevent your site being compromised. We use iThemes Security on all our WordPress sites.

If this seems like an overwhelming responsibility and you’re unsure of where to start, don’t fret. WordPress helps with securing the content management system, too. It’s nothing that should lull you into a sense of complacency, but it’s important to recognize that WordPress does its part to contribute to a safer web with things like:

A Security Team

There are roughly 50 security experts that comprise the WordPress Security Team. When major WordPress security issues arise, they consult with external security experts as well.

A Theme Review Team

There is a dedicated Theme Review Team that carefully looks through each new theme submission and advises developers on amending their code if it’s not up to WordPress’s standards (security or otherwise).

Automated Security Updates

In addition to regularly updating the core code, WordPress automated minor releases containing WordPress security patches. This enabled them to ensure that the most critical security updates were made.

Coding Guidelines

The Codex includes guidelines for theme development and plugin development. This helps to steer developers in the right direction when coding products that will end up in the repository.

Theme and Plugin Security Tips

WordPress also has a number of guides dedicated to theme security and plugin security that teach developers how to properly sanitize, validate, and generally protect their code from vulnerabilities.

As for that original question about whether or not WordPress is safe enough, the answer to that is “Yes, but… you have to take good care of your website, too.”

We Secure Your WordPress Site with Prevention, Detection, Review, and Action.

Hackers will exploit your website’s weaknesses the second they are found. If you’d like to reduce the chances of this happening, your security strategy has to cover the website from every angle. This will require a multi-pronged approach to prevention, detection, review, and action. We have automated security switched on 24/7…Xtraweb

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