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F.A.Q. About Xtraweb & Squirrly

Is It Essential To Have A Website?

Having a website is vital for many small businesses, especially in 2022. It’s a perfect way to market your business or service online and could help your business to:

Promote and sell your products or services
Connect with your customers
Build credibility for your brand
Compete with more prominent brands

It’s easy to get started. We offer a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need to get online and scale. In addition, our helpful small business team will help you build a thriving home online.

Where is my website hosted?

We offer “Unlimited Resources” that are managed from Ireland & Manchester. We host all our customer sites on our own State Of The Art servers located in our offices in Manchester Central. We use the very latest technology on our servers, running on SSD drives, and fully optimised for WordPress, fully backed up and secured.

We accomplish a consistent 100% network uptime through the use of multi-routed transit providers and our enterprise cloud platform.

Do I have to edit the site myself?

No not at all.

But you can if required. Your site stands in it’s own hosting with a cpanel.

What is a cPanel?.

A cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used as a control panel to simplify website and server management.

cPanel allows you to publish, and fully manage your WordPress website.

All our sites are created using the latest WordPress with cPanel. Did you know that 40% of the entire Internet is built using WordPress.

We offer a monthly website care & maintenance plan where we do everything for you.

You do not need to worry about weekly/monthly image or text/information updates either, it’s all in the plan…

Do you have a site back up

We create daily snapshots (backups) of your instances; stored at an off-site location for disaster-recovery; at no additional cost to you. We still run 100% even in power cuts.

General Questions

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Our average cost  is €950 to €5,000. approx.

Our Care & Maintenance plan is €45 per month and includes everything you require, and we mean everything.

The average cost to create a website for a small business in Ireland is €1000 to €10,000. This average includes purchasing your domain name and website hosting plan, as well as designing and building your site. How much your business pays to create your website will depend on its size, features, and complexity.

How Many Websites Used WordPress in 2021?

455 million websites

Over 455 million websites use WordPress as of 2021, and that number only continues to grow. Considering there are about 1.3 billion total websites across the internet, that’s an impressive number.

Do I Get SEO With Xtraweb?

Yes, we provide a  Basic Squirrly SEO service.

Our Care & Maintenance plan is €45 per month and includes everything you require, including Basic Squirrly SEO.

Later if desired you can avail of our  Pro Squirrly SEO Service.

The Monthly plan will become €75 per month onwards.

What is Squirrly SEO?

Squirrly SEO is an AI-powered, all-in-one SEO suite that takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization.

We Install the perfect SEO setup – instantly!

We use over 650 features pre-configured for you during install.

All hand-holding. Completely educational. Squirrly provides a fail-proof, paint by numbers way of managing and improving your site’s SEO.

Use one tool for keyword research, content optimization, SEO settings, technical SEO, site audits, rank tracking, and more

Recommended by 7,479+ Happy Customers!

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